Your very own Vim is on the right.
Click to make it active (border turns blue)!

Vim's power stems from the ability to switch modes.

Normal Mode is for taking actions. It's what you're in now:
  cursor is a red rectangle normal mode

Insert Mode is for typing text. Type i to enter Insert Mode.
  cursor is a thin line insert mode
Type away!

try typing your name inside the parenthesis on line 10

Once finished ESC to return to Normal Mode

Click out of the editor and press j to see what's next!
(you can also click the arrow below)

As you become a text-editing wizard, you'll hardly ever reach for the mouse.

In Normal Mode (remember ESC),
j moves down
k moves up

your index finger naturally rests on 'j', how nice!

You can also navigate paragraphs:
} down a paragaph
{ up a paragraph

down a paragraph = next blank line

Let's kick it up a notch
G jumps to the bottom
gg jumps to the top

Vim understands words, paragraphs, and other text objects

You can navigate words
w next word (first letter)
e next word (last letter)

b previous word (first letter)

You can jump directly to any character on a line
f + character

from the start of line 7, type 'f' followed by 'v'

How amazing! Who needs the mouse?

You can go backwards using
F + character

Once finished :w saves your work.

""" learn vim interactively """ def greeting(): yield "Howdy! I'm almighty vim." yield "Type right in here to learn" greeting() """ You can always find help on the left As you learn, be adventerous. There's nothing here to break. """ next = "Vim Super Powers"